Fields of Application of Ai – Unique Ceramic Coffee Mug , Cup Design



Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is a science unknown to the general public .

It is often blamed by its critics who accuse it in particular :

  • of ubiquity . In other words , of being omnipresent in both family and professional life
  • of violating individual freedoms ( for example , through facial recognition software )
  • of forcing humans to adapt to its various uses
  • of causing the disappearance of certain trades or threatening others

Like those related to Reception , Maintenance or Logistics

( warehouse management , for example )

  • of allowing the creation of false information , such as “Deepfakes” .

Deepfakes are hyperrealistic video effects , generated by techniques based on Artificial Intelligence .

These videos are often used maliciously ; especially  , for propaganda purposes or as part of revenge porn .

“Deepfake” term is created from the expression “Deep Learning” ( one of the concepts of AI ) and the word “fake.

Even if these fears are understandable and threats should not be underestimated , it would not be honest to make the trial of Artificial Intelligence without taking into account the advantages of using it .

That is to say , Audit , risk analysis or even fight against Fraud , to name but a few  .

This unique ceramic coffee mug displays an original design that highlights the different fields of use of Artificial Intelligence .


Namely ,


  • Cybernetics
  • Solving complex problems
  • Robotics


This pattern also lists some of the techniques based on Artificial Intelligence :


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning


Finally , It refers to ( artificial ) neural networks , one of the concepts on which Artificial Intelligence relies .


This cup of coffee is therefore an original gift that you can make to anyone interested in Computer Science ( Geek , student or teacher in Computer Science , professional in the sector or any other person of your choice ) .

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