“Artificial Intelligence Concept”, Unique Ceramic Coffee Mug, Ai Cup Design



A Geek coffee mug decorated with a logo inspired by AI :


The logo printed on the coffee mug that we sell uses the concept of Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence (also called AI) is opposed to the natural Intelligence which humans (but also other animals) are supposed to demonstrate.


In the beginning, scientists defined AI as the set of techniques allowing the machine to imitate human intelligence.


And then, considering that AI cannot be limited to learning or problem solving, scientists have redefined it as the ability that the machine has to act rationally.



AI has applications in many industrial sectors, including Coffee;


For example, computer vision makes it possible to sort coffee beans according to their degree of maturity.


This industrialization of coffee bean sorting techniques then makes the work of farmers less tedious and ultimately improves the quality of the coffee.



Another example of the application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Coffee is the design of innovative coffee machines, capable of analyzing consumer behavior and offering them coffees accordingly.


In other words, these coffee machines can adapt their menus according to the most frequent user preferences.


In addition to this personalization of the coffee, certain coffee machines (“connected” by means of a wireless link) also innovate by allowing

the customer to choose and order his coffee remotely.



AI therefore invites itself into the Restoration.


As illustrated by the fact that some restaurant chains have computer systems capable of analyzing the behavior of their customers in order to predict the optimal conditions for preparing coffee (in terms of volume and temperature, for example)


This makes the preparation of coffee even more efficient and less time-consuming but also helps to fight against food waste.



Another application of AI in coffee; predict and alert coffee growers to threats that may affect their agricultural production.


These threats can be linked to the proliferation of animals (or insects) harmful to agricultural crops or linked to climate change, for example.


In these specific cases, AI is a tool that can be very useful in reducing the negative impact of these threats on the production of coffee growers.



The logo of the coffee mug that we offer indirectly takes up or rather suggests the concepts of AI and is therefore an ideal gift for computer enthusiasts (In particular, in Machine learning, Deep learning, Pattern recognition, Neural networks , Computer Vision, etc …), New technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Web Design or Digital, in general.


Original recipe to make with our microwave-compatible coffee mug; Peanut Butter Mug Cake :


Among the original recipes that you can make using the Geek coffee mug sold on our website, there is that of the Peanut Butter Mug Cake.


The average preparation time for this cooking recipe is around 8 minutes, but once you read the recipe, you can probably make it in less time!



This recipe requires a preparation time of about 8 to 10 minutes as well as a cooking time of about fifteen minutes, knowing that the cooking time varies according to the model of microwave device.


To make this recipe, you obviously need peanut butter, which you can buy or make yourself.



If you choose to make this butter yourself, you will need to gather a few ingredients and utensils; 400 g of roasted but unsalted peanuts, 15 ml of organic honey, 15 ml of organic rapeseed oil, 15 ml of lemon juice, an airtight glass jar and a food processor.



Then pour 80 g of peanuts into the tank of the food processor, roughly chop them and set them aside (in the coffee mug, for example).


After which , pour the remaining ingredients into the food processor and mix everything together until you obtain a kind of homogeneous , slightly liquid puree .


(You should achieve this result after about ten minutes, depending on the power of your mixer)


Finally , pour the peanut butter into an airtight jar , while adding the previously chopped peanuts at regular intervals .


This has the effect of making the peanut butter “crunchy”.


All that remains is to store the airtight jar in the refrigerator, in order to make the peanut butter more consistent.


You then have, after a few tens of minutes, a homemade and American-style peanut butter!


Aside from the peanut butter, you will also need the following ingredients and utensils to make the Mug Cake;


30 g of organic flour, 2 g of organic corn-based yeast, 10 g of brown sugar, 70 ml of organic vegetable milk and 45 mg (in other words, three tablespoons) of peanut butter.


First, pour the “dry” ingredients (i.e. flour, baking powder and sugar) inside the coffee mug.


Stir everything together, then add the “liquid” ingredients (milk, in this case).


Stir all the ingredients again.


Finally, add the peanut butter to the mixture (previously stored in the refrigerator) and stir the mixture one last time until you obtain a homogeneous paste.


Place the coffee mug in the microwave and cook the batter for about 4 minutes.


(Watch the cooking of the dough, pricking it from time to time, using a knife)


You will then have a snack or an appetite suppressant, in no time!



Original recipe to make with our microwave-compatible coffee mug; Mug Cake-style Carrot Cake :


Another original recipe that you can make using our microwave-compatible mug;

Mug Cake-style Carrot Cake.


The average preparation time for this cooking recipe is around 8 minutes but, once you have read the recipe,

you can probably do it in less time.



A certain number of ingredients and utensils are required to make this type of Mug Cake;


300 g of Cream Cheese, 20 g of brown sugar in pieces, 10 ml of vanilla extract, 120 g of gluten-free flour, 30 ml of organic vegetable milk, 15 ml of organic rapeseed oil, 3 g of cinnamon in powder , a packet of yeast made from organic corn , 100 g of carrots , a piping bag , a glass or aluminum salad bowl placed in the refrigerator , a coffee mug with a capacity of 15 oz , a saucer for a coffee cup , a mini electric whisk as well as a mixer robot.



As for Cream Cheese (also known as Philadelphia cheese), it can be plain or flavored, but in both cases, if you don’t have it, you can make it yourself.


Regarding vegetable milk, I recommend milk from organic farming.


Regarding gluten-free flour, it can be a mixture composed of Sorghum flour, Millet flour, Buckwheat flour or Teff flour, for example.



That being said, the preparation of the Mug Cake Carrot Cake breaks down into four main phases;


First, prepare the Carrot Cake icing.


To do this , take the bowl out of the refrigerator and pour the Cream Cheese into it .


Then, whip this Cream Cheese using the mini electric whisk, while adding from time to time 20 cl of organic vegetable milk, 10 g of brown icing sugar and 5 ml of vanilla extract as well as half a sachet yeast made from organic corn.


In a second time ,

fill the piping bag with the mixture obtained, then keep it in the refrigerator, in order to make the icing more consistent.


In a third step, prepare the Mug Cake, strictly speaking.


To do this, in a coffee mug, pour and mix 15 ml of organic rapeseed oil, 5 ml of vanilla extract, 3 g of cinnamon powder, 10 g of brown icing sugar and 20 cl of vegetable milk.


Fourthly, wash, peel and grate the carrots so that the carrot pieces are very small, then pour them into the coffee mug.


Then stir the contents of the mug with a fork until smooth.


Fifthly, set your microwave to oven mode, then place the coffee mug in it and cook the dough for about 3 minutes.


The cooking time varies between microwaves, but you can consider the dough to be done when it comes away from the edges of the mug.


If so, take the coffee mug out of the microwave and unmold the Mug Cake into a coffee cup saucer.


Next , let the Mug Cake cool for 3 minutes , then cut it horizontally down the center .


Then, take the piping bag containing the icing out of the fridge and use it to decorate the inside of the Mug Cake, making concentric circles .



To finish, close the Mug Cake and decorate its surface in the same way as before, using the piping bag .


Just like for the first cooking recipe, you have an appetite suppressant once again quick to make !

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