The Dark Side of Technology – Unique Ceramic Coffee Mug , Cup Design



Technology can be seen as a set of techniques , skills or tools designed to make human work easier , more cost-effective , more productive .

Unfortunately , poorly controlled , used inappropriately , under or overvalued , it can very quickly turn against human beings or cause a number of drifts .

Indeed , it can become :

  • an addiction , if certain limits ( duration and frequency of use, for example ) are not fixed
  • invasive , in the proper sense ( in terms of space of use , for example ) as figuratively ( in terms of family life , in particular )
  • an ecological issue ( Pollution )
  • an economic stake ( Economic war )
  • a political issue ( political destabilization , espionage , power relationships )
  • a social issue ( Redundancies or reductions in recruitment , following the replacement of staff by machines )

The sublimation print on this coffee mug clearly recalls this “dark side” of Technology .

One distinguishes the dark blue ( almost mysterious ) profile of a woman .

Her hair ends in electronic circuits and her forehead appears to be burning . As if , in the end , it was symbolically in touch with Technology .

All on a black background in which this dark face tries in vain to hide .

While drinking your coffee , you may be thinking about these potential technological drifts .

In any case , it is better to be aware that they exist , is it not ?

And get the day off to a good start !

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