“Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” : Development technique enabling a web page to process HTTP requests asynchronously , that is , without having to reload it


“Application Programming Interface” : Programming interface that allows an application to make use of features or services of other software . API providers make available


“Advanced Package Tool” : Package manager developed by “The Debian project” association and released freely under the GPL open source license . As for Unix-like

Blended learning

Mixed educational method that combines face-to-face learning with online learning ( aka e-learning ) . The learner can physically attend a class while accessing online


Computer Based Training : Teaching method based on computer didactic tools that make the lessons more interactive and thus makes their comprehension easier . In


CHange MODe : In Computer science , CHMOD is a Unix command that allows you to manage the rights to use a given file or


CHange OWNer : CHOWN is a UNIX command that allows you to set : the owner of a file or directory the users group to