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7 S Framework

What are the 7 S’s ? The 7 S Framework is a comprehensive guide that explains the seven most important elements of a successful business

Acceptance Sampling – Definition, Quality Control in Businesses, Types of Acceptance Sampling (Attribute Sampling, Variable Sampling), Types of Sampling Plans (Single, Double, Multiple, Sequential, Continuous Sampling Plans; Chain Sampling Plan, Skip-Lot Sampling Plan, Dodge-Romig sampling plan), Interpretation of Results and Making Decisions, Advantages and Disadvantages, Real World Applications, Role of Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control

Before You Start : Importance of Quality Control in Businesses Quality control plays a crucial role in the success of any business . It refers


“Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” : Development technique enabling a web page to process HTTP requests asynchronously , that is , without having to reload it


What Is Anatomy  ?   Anatomy is the study of the structure and function of the human Body . It is a branch of Biology

Ansoff matrix

What is the Ansoff matrix ?   In Business, growth is essential  . But how can you achieve it ?  The Ansoff Matrix was developed


“Application Programming Interface” : E-Mealth,e-mealth Programming interface that allows an application to make use of features or services of other software . API providers make


“Advanced Package Tool” : Package manager developed by “The Debian project” association and released freely under the GPL open source license . As for Unix-like