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9-Box Grid Model – Definition, Components of the 9-Box Grid Model, Benefits, Performance vs Potential Matrix, Rating Scale Criteria, Employee Placement System, Steps For Implementing The 9-Box Grid Model, Common Mistakes To Avoid, Identifying High-Potential Employees

What Is The 9-Box Grid Model ? The 9-Box Grid Model, also known as the Performance and Potential Matrix or…


Acceptance Sampling – Definition, Quality Control in Businesses, Types of Acceptance Sampling (Attribute Sampling, Variable Sampling), Types of Sampling Plans (Single, Double, Multiple, Sequential, Continuous Sampling Plans; Chain Sampling Plan, Skip-Lot Sampling Plan, Dodge-Romig sampling plan), Interpretation of Results and Making Decisions, Advantages and Disadvantages, Real World Applications, Role of Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control

Before You Start : Importance of Quality Control in Businesses Quality control plays a crucial role in the success of…


AHP – Analytic Hierarchy Process – Definition, Hierarchy, Pairwise comparison, Consistency, Weighting, Synthesis, Sensitivity Analysis, Key Concepts in AHP : Criteria, Alternatives and Weightings, Steps To Conducting an AHP Analysis, Applications of AHP in Different Fields, Advantages and Limitations, Alternative Methods

What is The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) ? The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a decision-making framework developed by Thomas…