Geek Cup “Innovation Concepts” , Funny Latte Art , Digital Coffee Mug



A Geek cup of coffee

This coffee mug can just as easily be purchased :


  • by a Geek passionate about Information and Communication Technology (ICT)( That is to say, an individual, a teacher, a trainer, a coach or a professional interested in Multimedia, Telecommunications, Technology of
    Computer and the Internet or by the
    mobile apps , for example )
  • by a Technological Intelligence, Economic Intelligence or Innovation enthusiast
  • by someone who wants to offer a gift to a loved one, a colleague ( a fellow teacher, for example ) or a team ( by buying the Geek coffee mugs in bulk )
  • or simply by a person interested in our product and, if this is your case, we thank you !

Now relax with a good cup of coffee !

The Geek coffee mug that we offer will help you ( by its Geek pattern ) to relax, thinking about the concepts of Innovation .

Impress your guests by serving them a coffee decorated with Funny Latte Art designs, in a Geek coffee mug !

All these different concepts of Innovation encourage reflection .

So what could be more natural than to drink a good coffee to think about it quietly .

With our Geek mug you can make yourself a Funny Latte art coffee , for example .

But maybe you are wondering how to achieve this ?

Beforehand , you will need to bring an Espresso coffee machine .

Next ,

  1. make yourself an Espresso that fills about 30% of the volume of your Geek Cup
  2. heat up your Geek mug ( One way to
    happen is to boil water in a saucepan, pour this water into your Geek mug and then empty the mug )
  3. heat and froth 15 cl of milk, using the steam nozzle of your Espresso coffee machine
  4. in order to correctly draw your original Funny Latte Art patterns, take a pitcher and pour your 15 cl of milk into it
  5. bring your pitcher closer to the Geek mug so that a thin stream of milk flows out of it
  6. draw your patterns, without sudden gestures, so as not to mix the milk with the Espresso coffee


What can we say about the structure of this Geek coffee cup whose logo partly evokes Digital and Technological Innovation ?

Before letting you enjoy your coffee , here are some technical details about the geek mug that we offer :

  1. This is a ceramic mug available in
    two sizes ; 11oz and 15oz
  2. this mug is made of ceramic which is a resistant material
  3. this mug has a glowing complexion
  4. the pattern of this mug was printed by sublimation ( That is to say , by heat )

Start off on the right foot by drinking a quality Latte Art coffee , thanks to this Geek mug !

What are the concepts of Innovation evoked by the pattern printed on the Geek coffee mug that we are selling to you ?

Innovation is based on a number of concepts or theories , including:

  • the concept of continuity :Continuous innovation ( also called incremental innovation ) is a technological innovation whose goal is to gradually improve the products and services of a company , in accordance with the business model of this company .


  • the concept of radicality :

Radical Innovation is a technological innovation whose goal is to create categories of products or services that do not conform to the business model of the company and which are also unknown to the market of this company .

In other words , it is an innovation that creates products or services that do not meet consumer needs .


  • the concept of rupture :

Disruptive innovation is an innovation
technology whose purpose is to create
categories of products or services that do not conform to the company’s business model .
And this , whether this disruptive innovation is radical or not .

In other words , it is an innovation that creates products or services that do not correspond at all to the business model of the company and which do not necessarily meet the needs of consumers .


  • the concept of adjacency :

Adjacent innovation is an innovation whose purpose is to adapt a company’s existing products to a new market and therefore to a new use .

What original drinks could you serve yourself or your guests with this Geek coffee mug ?

And why not drinks based on coffee with milk ?

Café au lait ( known as “Kawa Biala” in Poland or “White coffee” in the United States ) is a family of coffees prepared with milk .

This family of coffees includes coffees of varied and original origins , such as :

  • Belgian milk coffee :

Café au lait de Belgique refers to either a simple short Espresso coffee ( in other words, a full-bodied coffee ) to which a “cloud of milk” is added, or a cup of milk to which a cloud of Espresso coffee is added .

In the latter cas e, latte is more like “spilled coffee”, also called “Russian milk”, in some countries .

  • Breve coffee :

Café Breve is a full-bodied coffee ( sometimes referred to as a “Latte” ) to which whole milk and cream are added .

Knowing that these last two ingredients represent 40% of the total volume of the drink .


  • Broken coffee from Morocco :

Broken coffee is a latte consisting of a single short Espresso coffee and a small amount of milk .

This coffee is usually served in a small glass , but an 11oz coffee mug can also do the trick .

  • the coffee con Leche of Spain :

Café con Leche is a Spanish drink ( also popular in South America ), made from as much plain short Espresso coffee as sweetened hot milk .

Some variants of this coffee use other proportions of Espresso and milk , thus making the drink lighter ( it is then called “clarito“) or darker ( it is then called “obscurito“) .

  • Cortadito coffee from Cuba :

Cortadito coffee is the Cuban variant of the Spanish Cortado coffee .

It is a drink consisting of a single short Espresso coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk .

And this , unlike Cortado coffee which is actually a simple short Espresso coffee mixed with milk froth , in equal proportions .

  • Galâo coffee from Portugal :

Galâo coffee is a Portuguese drink similar to Spanish Cortado coffee , except that it contains more milk froth than the latter .

In fact , the share of milk froth in Galâo coffee is 75 % compared to 50 % for Cortado coffee .

  • Garoto coffee from Portugal :

Garoto is a Portuguese coffee with milk which has the particularity of being served mainly in small cups or in low-capacity coffee mugs ( 11 oz, for example ).

  • Latte coffee from Italy :

Coffee Latte is an Italian beverage consisting of a short single Espresso coffee and hot whole milk .

This coffee sometimes has the particularity of being decorated with drawings based on milk froth and various ingredients ( cocoa powder , caramel sauce , cinnamon powder , in particular ) which have the shape of an animal , a plant or of a portrait , for example .

These Latte Art patterns use Barista techniques such as Topping, Etching, Free pouring but also stainless steel tools, such as Latte coffee art or decoration pens .

  • Lechero coffee from Mexico :

Lechero coffee is a Mexican beverage made from coffee ( often soluble ), water, sugar and hot whole or vegetable milk .

( Milk represents about 75% of the total volume of the drink )

  • German Milchkaffee :

Milchkaffee is a German beverage made from short single Espresso coffee and hot whole milk .

The milk is heated and whipped so that it froths slightly .

Next , the Espresso coffee and the milk are poured into a coffee mug ( 11 oz or 15 oz capacity , for example ) , in equal proportions .

( That being said, coffee milk in general should not be confused with the milk syrup from the United States )


You now have an overview of the original drinks ( based on latte ) that you could serve with this Geek coffee mug .

You are free to choose the ones that suit you !

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