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What is CPQ ?

Configure Price and Quote (CPQ) software is a must-have for businesses that sell complex products or services . CPQ streamlines and automates the process of creating accurate sales quotes, thus reducing the time it takes to get a quote out the door and helping sales reps close more business deals .

In addition, CPQ can help improve gross margins by ensuring that pricing is always accurate and by automating discounting rules . And because CPQ automatically generates leads from website visitors who configure products on your site, it can also help with top-line growth .

CPQ is an essential tool for companies that want to improve their sales quoting process and increase profitability .

What Are The Benefits of Implementing CPQ Solutions ?

There are many benefits of implementing CPQ solutions, which can be divided into two main categories : operational and strategic .

Operational benefits include increased efficiency and accuracy in the quoting process, as well as decreased sales cycle times . In addition, CPQ solutions can help to optimize pricing strategies and improve customer satisfaction levels .

Strategic benefits of CPQ solutions include the ability to drive more revenue and profits through increased sales productivity and effectiveness . In addition, CPQ solutions can help organizations to better understand their customers’ needs and expectations, as well as improve relationships with key stakeholders such as partners and suppliers .

Finally, CPQ solutions can also help to reduce costs associated with manual processing and errors, while providing a higher level of compliance with regulations . This makes it easier for organizations to manage their operations and remain compliant in unfamiliar industries .

What Are The Steps Involved in the CPQ Process ?

Salesforce CPQ simplifies the entire quoting process – from generating accurate quotes to applying approvals and discounts . It empowers sales reps to create customized proposals in just a few clicks, without having to rely on IT or engineering for help . And because CPQ is built on the Salesforce platform, it integrates seamlessly with your other Salesforce applications, making it easy to keep data in sync and workflows running smoothly .

Here are the steps involved in the CPQ process :

  • Configure Products :

Sales reps use CPQ to configure products and services according to customer specifications . This includes selecting the right options and add-ons, and ensuring that all configurations are compatible with each other .

  • Price Products :

Once products are configured, CPQ automatically calculates pricing based on the selected options, add-ons, quantity, etc . This ensures that sales reps always quote the correct price to customers .

  • Quote Products :

After products are configured and priced, CPQ generates a professional quote that can be emailed or printed for delivery to the customer . Sales reps can also use CPQ to create customized proposal documents, which can include product images, descriptions, pricing details, and more .

  • Apply Approvals and Discounts :

If necessary, sales reps can use CPQ to obtain approval for quote prices from managers or apply discounts before sending the final quote to the customer .

  • Close the Sale :

After the customer accepts the proposal, sales reps can use CPQ to quickly process payments and generate invoice documents .

  • Renewal Process :

CPQ can also be used for renewals and upsells . Sales reps can use CPQ to generate renewal quotes with the most current prices, discounts, and offers . This enables them to quickly provide accurate quotes to existing customers without having to manually adjust configurations or pricing each time .

  • Streamline Reporting :

CPQ also offers insightful reporting capabilities that help sales reps quickly understand which products drive revenue, as well as gain insights into customer preferences and buying patterns .

CPQ makes the quoting process faster, more accurate, and easier for sales reps—all while ensuring customers receive the best prices .

What Are The Popular Use Cases for CPQ ?

Many businesses find CPQ software helpful in a number of ways, some of which may surprise you . Here are just a few popular use cases for CPQ :

  • Shorten Sales Cycles :

One of the most obvious benefits of CPQ is its ability to help sales teams shorten their sales cycles . By automating and streamlining the quoting process, CPQ can help salespeople get quotes out faster and close deals sooner .

  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity :

In addition to helping sales teams shorten their sales cycles, CPQ can also help them increase their efficiency and productivity . By automating tasks like quote generation and product configuration, CPQ frees up salespeople to focus on more important activities, like selling .

  • Improve Accuracy :

Another big benefit of CPQ is that it helps improve accuracy . By ensuring that all relevant data is captured and that pricing and discounting rules are followed, CPQ can help companies avoid costly mistakes and ensure that their quotes are accurate .

  • Boost Customer satisfaction :

By helping companies create accurate quotes quickly, CPQ can also boost customer satisfaction . When customers receive their quotes faster and without errors, they’re more likely to be satisfied with the overall experience—which could lead to repeat business down the road .

  • Streamline Administration :

Finally, CPQ can help companies streamline administration tasks, which can save time and resources . Things like order processing, customer service inquiries, and billing are often simplified with CPQ .

These are just a few of the popular use cases for CPQ software . With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that CPQ is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes .

What Are The Challenges Faced with Traditional CPQ ?

Even with the best configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software in place, companies still face a number of challenges when it comes to generating accurate quotes . First, there’s the issue of product complexity . With so many options and variations available, it’s difficult to know which combination of products and services will best meet a customer’s needs . This challenge is compounded by the fact that customer requirements can change over the course of a negotiation .

Another challenge CPQ software must overcome is the need for speed . In today’s fast-paced business world, customers expect instant gratification . They want to be able to get a quote quickly and easily, without having to wade through a lot of complex information . This puts pressure on CPQ systems to generate quotes quickly and accurately, without sacrificing quality or missing any key details .

There’s the challenge of staying up-to-date . As products and pricing change over time, CPQ software must be updated accordingly . Otherwise, companies run the risk of providing inaccurate quotes that could lose them business . Keeping CPQ systems up-to-date can be a daunting task, but it’s essential if companies want to stay competitive .

Finally, there’s the challenge of compliance . CPQ software must adhere to laws and regulations in order to ensure compliance with industry standards . This includes security protocols, data storage requirements, and more . Ensuring CPQ systems are up-to-date and compliant can be a time consuming process, but it’s necessary for any organization that wants to stay out of legal trouble .

What Are Different Types of Open Source CPQ Platforms ?

Open source CPQ platforms typically fall into one of two categories : those that are general purpose and those that are specific to a particular industry .

General purpose open source CPQ platforms include OroCommerce, Broadleaf Commerce, and Magento Commerce . These platforms can be used by businesses in any industry and offer a wide range of features .

Industry-specific open source CPQ platforms include PIMcore (for manufacturers), BigCommerce (for ecommerce), and OFBiz (for ERP) . These platforms offer specialized features that are designed for businesses in their respective industries .

Both types of open source CPQ platforms have their advantages and disadvantages . General purpose platforms tend to be more flexible and customizable, but lack the industry-specific features offered by their counterparts . Industry-specific platforms offer more targeted functionality, but may not be as flexible or customizable as general purpose ones .

The best way to choose an open source CPQ platform is to evaluate your business’s needs and then select a platform that offers the features you need .

What Are The Tips for Selecting the Right CPQ Software ?

  • Understand your business needs :

Before selecting a CPQ software, it is important to understand your specific business needs . What are the unique selling points of your products or services ? What are the most popular configurations of your products ? What discounting or pricing rules do you need to support ? Answering these questions will help you narrow down the features that are most important to you in a CPQ solution .

  • Consider ease of use :

A key consideration when selecting a CPQ software is ease of use . Make sure to evaluate how easy it is to create and manage product configurations, generate quotes, and place orders . It is also important to consider how easy it is for your sales team to use the software on a day-to-day basis .

  • Evaluate pricing :

When evaluating different CPQ solutions, be sure to consider pricing carefully . Some vendors charge per user while others charge based on the number of transactions (e .g ., quotes generated) . Make sure to compare pricing options across vendors to find the best fit for your organization .

  • Consider integration needs :

Another important consideration when selecting a CPQ software is integration needs . If you have existing CRM and ERP systems, you will need to make sure that the CPQ solution you select can integrate with these systems seamlessly . This will help avoid duplication of data and ensure a smooth workflow for your sales team .

  • Get expert input :

When making such an important decision for your organization, it is always a good idea to get input from CPQ experts . Experts can help you evaluate different solutions and provide insight into which ones will best meet your business needs .

With these tips, you should now be better equipped with the knowledge to select the right CPQ software for your business . Be sure to take your time and do your research when making this decision . Don’t forget to consult with experts as well, as their input can be invaluable in navigating the CPQ landscape .


By making use of the latest technology, like CPQ software, you can make life easier for yourself while boosting efficiency and improving customer satisfaction . With its many features and benefits, implementing CPQ is an obvious decision for any business that wants to stay ahead in today’s competitive market .

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